Case Studies

Case Studies

Smoke Free Medway                          

Sue from Rochester attempted to quit smoking for the 3rd time in January 2012.

This time round she was really determined, especially because her first grandcDrop In Clinichild was due in the April; she wanted to be smoke free for his arrival. She attended one to one sessions and used nicotine patches to relieve her cravings. She found the support from the Stop Smoking Service and her family invaluable.

Her advice to anyone who wants to quit would be to: “…get support, treat yourself for not giving in, and to always remember why you wanted to quit smoking in the first place.”


Medway Walking Group

‘Last week I went to see a nurse at St. Mary’s Health Centre for results from my blood test regarding my yearly diabetes type two check-up. I have been walking on these health walks for approximately 2 years and this has resulted in my lastWalking St Marys two results being exceptionally good. Since walking my blood pressure has gone down a lot and my cholesterol and glucose levels have also lowered.

Since retiring I get a lot of enjoyment from these walks knowing it is doing my health good and from the social side meeting lots of nice and interesting people. Thank you and your team of walk leaders for all your hard work....!!’



Like many children, Logan used to come home from school and play computer games while eating crisps and sweets. But all that changed when he joined MEND - Mind, Exercise, Nutrition, Do It! - a free course to help families become fitter, healthier and active.

The energetic eight-year-old said: “…since joining MEND I’ve gone rock climbing, running, swimming, played rugby and football. I love it. I can now run fast and I play rugby for the Medway Dragons club.”                 MEND Kids

Logan’s whole family went on to attend MEND Graduates and volunteer to support other families on the programme. Logan’s mum, Helen, now assists in the delivery of the MEND programme helping families make small steps towards a healthier lifestyle.


Medway Citizens Advice - Debt Awareness

A well-known client to Bureau management has been suffering from mental health problems for a number of years. He doesn’t work and receives benefits. Communication with the client is quite difficult as he speaks very quietly, mumbles and is often incoherent.

The Bureau reviewed his finances and found that after his normal living expenses, he could only make token payments of £1 per month for his non-priority debts that totalled over £6,000, but he was being pursued by debt collectors for a review.

The Bureau, together with his Care Worker and partner agencies worked to piece together information about his debt and medical situation. This enabled us to approach his creditors and his largest creditor has agreed to write off over £4,000 of debt.









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