Mouth Cancer Action Month



Mouth Cancer Action Month


November is Mouth Cancer Action month

No one likes to talk about cancer and when the advice is that going to the dentist regularly is the best way to be ‘Checked-Out’ many people will remain unaware of symptoms because they simply don’t like going to the dentist!

In a recent survey one in ten people admitted that they had not been seen by a dentist for a check up in the past 2 years.

Sadly the number of people being diagnosed with mouth cancer is increasing year on year and it is one of the UKs fastest increasing cancers. Luckily if spotted early on most mouth cancers can be treated with the chance of a full recovery being very good.

Although there are risk factors heavily linked to mouth cancer , the disease can affect anybody and takes the lives of more than 2,000 people each year – this is more than testicular and cervical cancer combined and more than those  lost through road traffic accidents; which is why it is so important to be ‘Mouth – Aware’ and visit the dentist regularly .

You can take the first step to being ‘Mouth –Aware’ by making a dental check up appointment in November. To find local dental practices visit  or telephone the 111 helpline.


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