Healthy eating in the workplace

Eating healthily at work

Most people will consume at least one third of their daily calories at work so making changes here could directly affect your health.

By making a few small changes, you can really benefit. Why not introduce new, healthier options to improve your diet, help you achieve your five-a-day, and to help you eat the right amount of a balanced diet.

Looking forward to lunch?

Liven up your lunchbox by adding lots of colourful fruit and vegetables.

  • Make regular changes to the lunch you bring to work throughout the week, You need never eat the same lunch twice!
  • Introduce a communal fruit bowl where people can buy fruit to snack on. Try to keep it full and fresh so it always looks appealing

If you have a staff canteen

Then why not open a breakfast club so employees have the opportunity to have a balanced breakfast before starting work. Some great options include:

  • Porridge
  • Fresh fruit
  • Wholemeal toast
  • Yoghurts

If you don’t have a canteen, try to arrive a little earlier and bring in your breakfast, especially if you have a habit of skipping breakfast.

For more information

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