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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book on?

The best way is to call our customer service line on 0800 234 6805.  Alternatively you can text ‘QUIT’ to 81025 or email


How long do I have to attend for?

Sessions are typically held once a week for an average of 7 weeks.


Will I have to quit straight away?

We don’t expect or encourage anyone to quit straight away, as having enough preparation is key to a successful quit attempt.  Every smoker is different and so quit dates will be discussed and agreed individually with your adviser.


Where are the sessions held?

We hold sessions at various locations in Medway.  Please use the search facility on this website or ring Medway Stop Smoking Service on 0800 234 6805 or 01634 334800 to find out where your nearest location is and book your place.


Will I put on weight?

Although not everyone experiences weight gain, it is a common side effect from quitting smoking. This is because your metabolism drops and sometimes your appetite can increase. However, by seeking advice and support from a trained adviser, you can explore different ways of minimising the weight gain, so this doesn’t become a problem for you.


What can I use?

There are many different varieties of medication that can aid a quit attempt. These include 8 different types of nicotine replacement (patches, gums, sprays etc.) and medications which do not contain nicotine called Champix or Zyban.


I am pregnant and struggling to quit. What help is there for me?

We have a specialist service dedicated to supporting pregnant women to quit smoking. Please follow the Smoking in Pregnancy link to find out more about what is available, what you can use and how to access support.


Does it work?

By having support and using the right medication you are up to 4 times more likely to quit successfully than if you try to quit alone. You must be committed to wanting to quit and you will need willpower.


How much will it cost me?

The service is completely free.  Stop smoking medications will be made available at prescription prices. If you do not usually pay for your prescriptions, then these will be free of charge.

Contact us for more information

Phone: 0800 234 6805 / 01634 334800
SMS: Text Quit to 81025


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