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The Project

As part of Medway Stop Smoking Service’s ongoing work to help Medway become    Smoke-Free, this project is specifically tailored to serving the needs of young people in Medway.

About us and New Generation
New Generation exists to help Medway’s new generation to be Smoke-Free. Everyone is affected by smoking – whether they know it or not.

Thanks to lots of great feedback from younger people we’ve worked with, we now have a good idea of what you want to see on this site;

  • Information for you rather than just telling you not to smoke
  • The truth told in an easy to understand way
  • Graphic illustrations on the dangers of smoking
  • A range of quitting support options
  • Interactive elements

Smoking choices made now can have a lifelong impact on health, wealth, happiness and the lives of lots of other people in the world. We aim to provide a wide range of information about smoking issues so that there is something of interest here for everyone.

Every person accessing our site will have the huge advantage of being able to make really informed choices about smoking – something that people in other parts of the world simply don’t have.

Crucially, New Generation is about you. We really want to hear about your personal experiences, tips, stories and suggestions that will help to keep New Generation at the forefront of making Medway Smoke-Free for the benefit of all generations to come. So please, communicate with us about what you see here, how you feel about smoking and what you think we should do to shape our New Generation.

Contact us for more information

Phone: 0800 234 6805
SMS: Text Quit to 81025

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